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Date : 17/07/2023

Wesfarmers (ASX: WES): Standing Tall Despite Economic Turbulence?

Riding the tides of economic fluctuations, many retailers are floundering. Amidst a sea of downgrades, Wesfarmers (ASX: WES) might be the lighthouse for investors, navigating safe waters. This article delves into Wesfarmers’ financial status, projecting its future potential and identifying potential risks and rewards for investors.

WES: A Century-Long Legacy of Growth

Wesfarmers began its journey as a farmers’ cooperative in Western Australia in 1914. It has since evolved into a $55bn conglomerate spanning retail, industrials, chemicals, and fertilisers. Since its listing on the ASX in 1984, Wesfarmers’ growth trajectory has been undeniably impressive.

The conglomerate shelters renowned brands such as Bunnings, Officeworks, Kmart, and Target under its umbrella. Its portfolio extends beyond retail, including a chemicals and fertilisers business, an industrial safety products business, and a joint-venture mining operation at the Mt Holland lithium project in WA. Recent acquisitions of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (ASX:API) and a bid for Silk Lasers (ASX:SLA) further diversify its consumer-facing businesses. Bunnings remain Wesfarmers’ top revenue generator, despite the divestment of Coles and insurance broking.

WES: Robust Financial Health

Wesfarmers stands resilient with a diverse revenue mix that offers protection against inflation. As consumers increasingly turn to discount retailers, Wesfarmers may be well-positioned to meet this demand.

With a focus on continuous growth and modernisation, Wesfarmers is investing heavily in enhancing its supply chains and launching new initiatives, such as pet ranges in Bunnings and the integration of Silk Laser clinics.

ASX:WES Shares Analysis

  1. Despite the economic challenges of the pandemic, Wesfarmers achieved an impressive 35% growth in sales.
  2. The company’s retail business experienced significant expansion, resulting in a larger workforce.
  3. Projections for FY23 indicate a robust performance, with expected revenue of $43 billion.
  4. Wesfarmers is projected to achieve an EBITDA of $5.5 billion in FY23, highlighting its strong financial performance.
  5. The company’s EPS for FY23 is anticipated to reach $2.17, positioning Wesfarmers as a leader in the retail sector with exceptional growth prospects.

WES: Potential Hurdles Ahead

Despite its impressive performance, Wesfarmers is not impervious to the changing economic climate. Rising interest rates could make FY24 more challenging. While sales might not drop, Wesfarmers could see shrinking margins due to rising labour costs and decreased productivity from labour shortages and absenteeism.

Drops in chemical and fertiliser prices may also impact Wesfarmers’ bottom line. However, Wesfarmers’ strong market position offers it more pricing power than many competitors, distinguishing it from the rest of the market.

WES: Assessing the Value

There’s a divergence of opinions among analysts regarding Wesfarmers’ value. The mean target price is only 2% higher than the closing price on July 6, 2023, hinting at potential overpricing. With FY24 trading multiples at an EV/EBITDA of 11.8x, a P/E of 22x, and a PEG multiple of 3.57, the stock may seem overpriced relative to its growth.

However, Wesfarmers’ resilience may appeal to investors looking for a stable retail stock unlikely to suffer a significant drop in sales or profits.

WES: A Safe Bet in the Retail Sector?

For those seeking stability amid retail sector turmoil, Wesfarmers is a strong contender. But if you’re pursuing a growth stock, in that case, exploring opportunities in more dynamic sectors, such as technology and resources, might be worth exploring.

Investing requires careful thought and planning. Evaluate your financial circumstances, consider your investment objectives, and conduct thorough due diligence before investing. While this article provides a starting point for your research, the final decision rests in your hands.


The narrative of Wesfarmers is one of growth, diversification, and resilience, which holds its appeal in the face of today’s economic volatility. It stands as a testament to a company that has weathered the storm of the pandemic and continues to strategise and evolve amidst inflationary challenges.

For those who seek a retail fortress against the downturns, Wesfarmers offers a protective shield. Its diverse portfolio of businesses, healthy financial projections, and powerful position within the marketplace paint a picture of stability and resilience that is rare in today’s tumultuous economic landscape.

However, Wesfarmers may not be the top pick for investors hunting for exponential growth stocks. Its modest growth rate projections and seemingly overpriced value suggest that there might be more attractive opportunities within the tech and resources sectors.

Thus, while Wesfarmers could be a safe haven for some, it could be a stepping stone for others on their journey to finding the ideal growth stocks.

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