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Date : 11/12/2020

Top 5 ASX Industrial Stocks That Are Doing More Than Good

What are Industrial Stocks?

Industrials is a very wide sector that consists of different industries within it. The transportation industry, manufacturing industry, consumer services, etc are some of the industries that are a part of the industrial sector. The ASX is home to plenty of industrial stocks.

Given how Covid19 has damaged the economy, the government has added stimulus to boost certain sectors that can revitalise the economy. Industrials is one such sector. Stimulus to industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure and consumer services increases employment and brings a lot of other industries into play – thereby increasing economic activity.

Top 5 ASX Industrial Stocks That Are Doing More Than Good

The stimulus announced by the federal government and the possibility of a vaccine as early as Q1 of 2021 has resulted in industrial stocks making huge gains. Below is our list of ASX industrial stocks that have a lot of tailwinds:

Qantas (ASX: QAN)

The airline industry is one of the most damaged industries not just in Australia, but globally. This is due to the high operating costs that are associated with these firms. Qantas is the symbol of Australia and the same sentiment has resulted in the government bailing the airline out of the financial crisis.

This results in Qantas emerging out of the crisis with most of its competitors wiped out. The firm has also been under massive restructuring to decrease their costs and operate under a lighter load going forward. With domestic travel open and international travel due to begin sometime next year, Qatas will benefit from the lack of competitors. Qantas has been one of the best performers among ASX industrial stocks in the past few months.

Transurban Group (ASX: TCL)

Infrastructure spending is absolutely vital during economic downturns as it boosts real growth and has the potential to create a lot of jobs. The next stimulus, irrespective of who is in office would very likely look to boost infrastructure.
Transurban group is an industrial stock that is positioned to benefit not just from the stimulus package in Australia, but also from the USA. The firm has multiple projects that are worth $19 billion in its pipeline in both countries and specifically 3 projects in the USA. As the country recovers from the pandemic and the restrictions are lifted, Transurban is also estimated to benefit from increased traffic on its existing infrastructures. The firm also pays investors dividends to make things sweeter for a long-term strategy.

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (ASX: RWC)

Reliance Worldwide Corporation Limited manufactures water delivery, control and optimization systems for the modern built environment worldwide. The principal activities of the company are the design, manufacture and supply of branded water flow, control and monitoring products and solutions for the plumbing and heating industry. The stock has returned close to 40% in the last 6 months. RWC is bid to play a massive role as investments in infrastructure are bid to go up in order to revitalise the economy.

Auckland International Airport (ASX: AIA)

Auckland International Airport Limited, as the name suggests provides airport facilities and other supporting services in Auckland. It is dual listed – both on the ASX and NZE. Its services are centred around Aeronautical, Retail, and Property segments.

Going into the crisis, Auckland airport shares took a pounding due to the travel restrictions that were imposed. However, with Australia and New Zealand ahead of most other countries in their road to recovery, the stock has benefitted from the air travel bubble that is in place between the two countries. Investor mood and momentum is high amid news of a vaccine and a potential return of business travel earlier than expected. AIA is an industrial stock that has returned 22% in the last 6 months and it currently has a lot of tailwinds.

Amaero International Limited (ASX: 3DA)

A small cap ASX industrial stock that has loads of potential. They are a new age manufacturing company that uses 3D printing and works with clients from defence, aerospace, automotive, and tooling sectors. Amaero is Australia’s largest Metal 3D printing company by volume of printers. They are regarded as the most capital efficient and safest metal 3D printers and have 6 of the top 10 Defence companies in the world as their clients.

The entire 3D printing industry is poised for high-growth and Amaero has shown early signs of promise to become a highly sought after industrial stock in the future.


Exposure to industrial stocks is key during a time when the government is doing everything it can to boost economic activity. However, with hundreds of stocks to choose from, it becomes harder to pick the right one. At shares in value, we hold several industrial stocks in our portfolios – making it easier for our members to pick the right one for long-term growth.


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