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Date : 15/09/2021

Top 3 Lithium Stocks To Buy In 2021

The ASX 200 was relatively flat today. However, there is one sector that is shining today. This sector is the lithium sector.Explore our Top 3 Lithium Stocks of 2021 below

The lithium sector went green across the board on Wednesday, with many ASX lithium shares marking fresh “all-time record highs”. Let’s take a glance at our selection of the top three we believe the share price will skyrocket in the years to come.

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Our List of Top 3 Lithium Stocks Of September 2021

Pilbara Minerals (ASX: PLS)

Pilbara Minerals experienced a pour trading day today. In the afternoon, the lithium producer’s shares went down by 6.5% to $2.14. PLS even ended the day at a tad above $2, closing by -9.61%. Despite this, Pilbara remains an attractive stock given its 145% return in 2021.

The decline in PLS share price on Monday has been driven by the broad market weakness virtually across all sectors. The lithium sector has been hit particularly hard. We can attribute that to profit-taking after some very strong gains this year.

Today’s decline could present a great opportunity to jump in the lithium bandwagon. Actually, we have quite a positive view of the outlook of the lithium market. Consequently, this could boost PLS shares further. According to the latest release, the company intends to accept the highest bid of US$2,240/DMT for the intended 8,000 DMT of cargo. On a pro-rata lithia basis and inclusive of freight costs. This is approximately equivalent to a price of US$2,500/DMT.

As a result, we could expect PLS earnings to be higher than the consensus estimates, which could propel Pilbara’s share to a higher level.

Liontown Resources (ASX: LTR)

One of the hot lithium stocks of the moment is Liontown. This lithium stock is pushing for new all-time highs every single day since the beginning of this week. Impressively, year-to-date, Liontown shares grew by 366%.

Since Monday, Liontown did not stop on its climb. The share price went from $1.13 on Monday to $1.59 at the closing today. That is a terrific 40% plus in just three trading sessions. We could be wondering what happened with such a ride. Actually, Liontown share price is soaring despite no news having been released by the company.

Although, the mineral exploration and development company has been busy lately. Thus, Liontown is just weeks away from the spin-off of its non-lithium assets into Minerals 260. As part of the spin-off, LTR shareholders will receive one share in Minerals 260 for every 11.91 Liontown shares they hold.

Following the demerger, Minerals 260 will take over all LTR’s Moora Gold-Nickel-Copper-PGE projects. The newly created entity will also have an option to earn 51% interest in the Koojan Gold-Nickel-Copper-PGE project. This will be along with the Dingo Rocks project and tenement applications at Yalwest.

Liontown owns the Kathleen Valley project which is a Tier-1 battery metals asset with high grade and scale. We think that the demerger is a good thing for Liontown. Lithium will be at the forefront of the required resources essential for the development of batteries for EVs Hence, a fully “lithium-focused” Liontown will enable the company to streamline its activity and bring efficiency to accelerate its growth.

Vulcan Energy Resources (ASX: VUL)

Another lithium play that we like is Vulcan. Today again, Vulcan soared to its record highs before stabilising at $15.9 per share. 2021 so far is an impressive bull run for Vulcan, given VUL priced at $2.73 at the beginning of the year compared to today’s double-digit share price.

Let’s take a look at what is been propelling the Vulcan share price higher this week.

Most recently, the lithium developer announced a five-year strategic partnership and binding lithium offtake term sheet with Renault Group. Furthermore, Vulcan shares have also come under the spotlight after the company was recently added to the ASX 300 index. Through its new listing, as a result, Vulcan share price received extra attention from index funds and fund managers.

Additionally, what could significantly move Vulcan could be the recent headlines, which is an update of its Zero Carbon Lithium Project.

Vulcan has its flagship project located in Europe, in Germany’s Upper Rhine Valley. At the current development pace, the company is set to become the first lithium producer with net-zero greenhouse emissions on the planet.


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