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REPORT • 2022

Top 5 ASX Mining
Stocks To Buy

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What’s inside this Report?

* Top 3 Mining Stocks to take advantage of the sky high commodity prices

* Miners with Tier 1 assets in Tier 1 locations

* Miners for Capital Growth & Dividends
Shares In Value - Top 5 ASX Mining Stocks to buy - Cover 2024

What’s inside this Report?

* Top 5 Mining Stocks ASX to take advantage of the sky high commodity prices

* Miners with Tier 1 assets in Tier 1 locations

* Miners for Capital Growth & Dividends

ASX Mining Stocks

Are Mining Stocks A Good Investment

Australian mining companies, known for their prowess in mineral extraction and production, are thriving amid surging commodity prices and mining stock values. The focus on infrastructure development for post-pandemic economic recovery worldwide positions the Australian mining industry and ASX investors for substantial rewards.

The market’s transition from growth to value stocks emphasises the importance of incorporating ASX-listed mining stocks into investment portfolios. With an impending commodity supercycle driven by heightened demand and potential inflation, Australia’s abundant natural resources, including iron ore, copper, natural gas, and rare earth metals, present prime opportunities. Hosting a diverse mix of established mining giants and emerging companies, the ASX allows investors to capitalise on the sector’s significant growth and long-term value creation.

Confidently Invest In ASX Mining Stocks With Shares In Value

Some of the best mining stocks are often overlooked by investors. These under-the radar rare earth stocks and natural gas stocks can offer a good yield and provide steady returns over time. Consider which type or mining investment might suit you most before stepping in the ASX mining stocks market.

We compile updated shortlists of some of the best mining stocks ASX and the current news on the Australian mining stocks market to help you make an informed decision.

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Every mining stock pick goes through our 4-point background check

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Production growth is critical to sustain earnings growth even during times of flat commodity pricing. With ASX mining stocks at favourable prices such as now, sky's the limit.

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Commodity Outlook

Factors influencing commodity prices now and in the future. Our research team dives deep into the supply and demand data affecting mining shares, copper shares, iron ore shares, and natural gas share price.

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Strong Balance Sheet

Balance sheets are anchors, and their worth has been proved during the pandemic. They provide the leverage that companies offering ASX mining stocks require to grow.

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A distinct advantage a company offering top ASX mining stocks has over its competitors which allows it to protect its market share and profitability.

Which Mining Stocks Should I Buy

When investors are looking for a steady stream of income, they turn to the ASX mining shares market. There is several risks that come along with investing in Australian mining stocks including fluctuations caused by changes commodity prices, or geopolitical factors at the mining locations; but even those things can’t deter us from picking the best mining stocks for you to invest in.

Both junior and mining shares ASX have the potential to offer great rewards, depending on how risky your appetite is as you enter the mining stock market. Investing in mining ETF or mutual funds carry less risk than individual mining stocks do, which is an alternative option if you simply want exposure towards the mining sector before including the top mining stocks in your portfolio.

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REPORT • 2024

Top 5 ASX Mining Stocks to Buy

Mining Shares


The mining industry is the largest contributor to the Australian economy, which can also translate to confidence in their share prices. Mining stocks are offered by companies capitalising on assets including gold, iron ore, copper, natural gas, rare earth metals and related commodities.

Gold stock ASX prices, along with other prevalent Australian mining stocks, are prone to fluctuations that follow the market value of their reserves. The longer these mining companies have been in the market, the more successful the payout of their reserves are in the mining stock market.

Feasibility studies are regularly conducted to verify the value of mining stocks reserves. We do our fair share of intensive research to formulate insights on ASX mining shares to help you determine the best ASX mining stocks to invest in. 

If you are looking to buy mining shares, start with looking into mineral resources and research its history. For example, if you are looking to invest in gold stocks, you must be familiar with the operations of the gold companies ASX you will choose to invest in. Major Australian gold stocks sometimes outperform during a market fall, and overall, the historical performance of gold mining stocks have been known to surpass market expectations across both short and long-term mining investment.

Junior mining stocks are considered growth stocks, and a great way to expand your portfolio with high risk stocks but also high potential rewards. Junior miners that offer Australian mining stocks - many of which are in the early stages of development - explore for new deposits and develop them into mines that produce valuable resources such as gold or iron ore. These, in turn, boost the supply and value of gold price ASX and iron ore share price making your investment in mining shares ASX extremely beneficial to your portfolio.

Major mining stocks, on the other hand, come from companies operating on a global scale producing consistent outputs of mining deposits and ASX mining stocks revenue. Valuation changes affect major mining stock prices less because of its history in the market, as compared to juniors that can either be failed deposits or have a shoot up in prices as market values of ASX mining shares fluctuates.

Yes, some of the best mining stocks ASX market offers have dividend payouts while others don't.

Junior mining stocks usually reinvest profits in order to expand, or develop new mine shafts for larger scale extraction projects. Major Australian mining stocks do pay dividends since they are more established, and therefore rewards shareholders with high return on their mining investment.

It’s tough to ascertain the top mining stock ASX has to offer. With Shares In Value, you can make well informed investments by subscribing to our market research service.

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Mining Stocks landing

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