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Date : 03/02/2023

Megaport (ASX: MP1) Shares Plunge After Announcing Quarterly Report

Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1) is an ASX-listed company that provides network connectivity solutions through its software-defined network platform. The company was founded in 2013 and went public in 2016.

Megaport Pty Ltd offers services, including cloud connectivity, network as a service, and interconnection solutions to customers in various industries, such as cloud service providers, enterprise businesses, and government agencies.

Once a darling of the ASX, MP1 shares have endured a tough 2022, and it looks like this pain will continue. On the back of announcing a quarterly update, Megaport Ltd (ASX: MP1) shares are down today.

MP1 ASX: 2Q FY23 Highlights

The Megaport share price plunge by 24% to $5.78 a share, after announcing quarterly report. Despite a 22% increase from market close on 30 December to 30 January, the MP1 ASX share price has lost almost all of those gains today. Megaport stock tanked when quarterly results were released. The company has a current market cap of $914.19 million.

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Megaport Shares (ASX: MP1) Plunge After Announcing Quarterly Report

  1. There was a 6% rise in MRR, to A$0.8M over the previous quarter, bringing the total for December 2022 to A$12.4M.
  2. Total revenue for the period was A$37.0M, up A$3.3M, or 10%, over the previous quarter.
  3. There were 2,739 Megaport Limited customers at the end of the quarter, up 39 (or 1% QoQ).
  4. During the period covered by this report, there were a total of 9,809 ports, an increase of 203 (underlying growth of 368, minus 165 legacy ports migrated) or 2% from the previous quarter.
  5. There were 16,977 VXCs as of the end of the quarter, a rise of 593 (or 4% QoQ).
  6. 768 MCRs existed as of the quarter’s close, down 4 from the previous quarter (a decline of 1%).
  7. After the quarter, there were 94 MVEs, down by 1 from the previous quarter.
  8. As of the quarter’s conclusion, the total number of services was 29,088, an increase of 762 (or 3% QoQ).
  9. In December 2022, the average revenue per port was A$1,260, an increase of A$46 (or 3.8%) over the previous quarter.
  10. Megaport Pty Ltd has A$57.5M in cash reserves as of the end of December 2022.

MP1: What Else Happened?

Megaport’s quarterly network optimization efforts continued so that 100Gbps on-ramps to the cloud may be provided to clients as quickly as possible. This does affect certain reported KPIs, decreasing net port additions by 165. Still, it does not affect revenue and provides significant cost savings for the organization. This approach will affect key performance indicators (KPIs) over the remainder of the current fiscal year.

As the first of what is likely to be many similar partnerships served by a MegaportONE white-label solution, Megaport Ltd has just inked a contract to offer the fabric and underlying connection to Databank, a progressive and expanding Data Centre Operator. Network service providers may benefit greatly from this offering, and talks are already underway with many multinational corporations. MegaportONE was recently deployed to a business customer, a Managed Service Provider. While A$2000 in MRR is being generated at the moment, January closures are projected to increase to A$10,000. More than A$100k MRR in other deals are in the works.

Jeff Tworek was introduced as Megaport’s new Chief Revenue Officer in a November 2022 press release. Jeff has worked in the cloud and networking for 30 years, including 20 at Akamai. He comes to Megaport Limited from Contrast Security, where his leadership was instrumental in the company’s rapid expansion and scalability.

The AWS Outposts ready partner certification was granted to Megaport Ltd in January 2023. Enterprises may reduce the time and resources spent on setting up outposts with Megaport’s help, allowing for more adaptability in network design with the same amount of hardware.

MP1: Outlook

According to Megaport news and analysis, the company’s capital spending is expected to total $33 million in FY23 and $28-30 million in FY24. The firm intends to hire experts from the outside to assess the effectiveness of current procedures. A primary emphasis will be placed on “enhanced automation.”

CEO Vincent English recently shared his thoughts on Megaport’s future, saying: “To anticipate our clients’ changing requirements, we will focus on delivering dependable, scalable links to the most cutting-edge, market-leading services our cloud partners offer.”


What’s the Megaport ASX:MP1 shares forecast?

The MP1 stock is facing a downfall after announcing a quarterly report. According to their earnings report, the “global leading supplier of Elastic Interconnection services” reported Q2 sales of $37 million, an increase of 10% from Q1, and an (EBITDA) profit for the period. Megaport Ltd found that “present economic uncertainty appears to be delaying consumer decision making, prolonging sales cycles,” even while revenue is stable owing to minimal customer attrition.

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