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Date : 22/08/2023

Magellan (ASX: MFG) FY23 Performance Ignites a 15% Share Price Surge, Bolstered by Special Dividend

Navigating the intricacies of the financial markets, Magellan (ASX: MFG), one of the titans in the funds management landscape, had a turbulent fiscal year 2023. The ASX-listed company faced formidable challenges, witnessing a significant drop in its funds under management. However, the winds changed direction when the company unveiled its FY23 results and announced a special dividend, leading to an impressive 15% surge in its share price. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the company’s performance, activities, management’s commentary, and future outlook based on the recently released information.

MFG: FY23 Results Highlights

MFG shares are trading at $10.42 and surged 13.26% during the day. The current market cap of the company is approximately 1.89 Billion AUD.

ASX MFG Shares Forecast And Analysis
ASX MFG Shares Forecast And Analysis
  1. FY23 saw a dramatic 48% decline in average FUM, settling at $48.8 billion.
  2. Profit before tax and performance fees for its funds management business plunged by 55% to $212.3 million.
  3. Statutory net profit after tax (NPAT) suffered a 52% drop, concluding at $182.7 million.
  4. Adjusted profit or earnings per share (EPS) fell sharply by 56%, landing at $0.955.
  5. The company maintained an operating cash flow of $186.6 million.
  6. The annual ordinary dividend is $0.867, marking a 52% decline.
  7. A special dividend of $0.30 per share was declared, signalling a potential boost for shareholders.

MFG: A Closer Look at Magellan’s Activities

Magellan (ASX: MFG) has been proactive in its approach to addressing its challenges. With the ASX 200 investors increasing their stakes, the company reported considerable success with its FY23 reset, progressing solidly with its five-year strategic plan. Other notable activities include:

Evolutionary Strategy: Amid challenges, Magellan’s dedication to progress was evident. The FY23 reset ushered in a fresh strategic perspective, embarking on the next stage of its evolutionary journey.

Operational Finances: Fiscal prudence became Magellan’s mantra, as reflected in the fund’s management business operating expense of $121 million, notably lower than the company’s projected range.

Share Buyback and Dividend Strategy: The extended on-market share buyback is a testament to Magellan’s commitment to its shareholders. The board’s decision to declare dividends in the latter half of the fiscal year, coupled with the special dividend, underscores this commitment.

MFG: Board Renewal and Its Implications

In the corporate world, change is often a precursor to growth. Magellan’s decision to rejuvenate its board is a strategic move to foster fresh perspectives and drive innovation.

Major Transitions: Andrew Formica’s appointment as the independent non-executive chair is pivotal. With Hamish McLennan donning the dual cap of deputy chair and non-executive chair, the board dynamics are set to shift.

Strategic Exits and New Entrants: Robert Fraser’s decision to remove from the MFG board while remaining integral to Magellan Asset Management Limited signals a focused strategic direction. The addition of Deborah Page AM is another move that promises to bring renewed vigour to the board’s vision.

MFG: Management Remarks

The CEO, David George, remains sanguine about the future. While acknowledging the challenges of FY23, he emphasized the firm’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier investment performance. He applauded the internal changes, noting that they have led to better collaboration, seamless information flow, and enhanced efficiency.

MFG: Outlook

Anticipated Financial Reforms: George’s vision for the future is painted with optimism. He foresees significant cost savings from the ongoing reforms, especially with an expected expense reduction in the FY24 funds management business.

The Long Game: While George acknowledges the initial phase of the five-year strategy, he is resolute about Magellan’s potential evolution into a global fund management behemoth.


FY23 was a roller coaster for Magellan Financial Group Ltd. While there were several challenges, all new strategic transformations, proactive management, and a forward-looking approach signal a promising horizon. The unveiling of the FY23 results reflects past challenges and hope for future growth. For investors and market watchers, Magellan remains a compelling narrative of resilience and strategic evolution in the tumultuous world of fund management.


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