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Date : 24/12/2023

Lake Resources (ASX: LKE) – Unpacking the Kachi Lithium Project’s Potential

The ASX witnessed a notable event as shares of Lake Resources N.L. (ASX: LKE), a company specialising in lithium development experienced a remarkable upswing. The company’s stock surged by 15%, reaching 15 cents per share. This significant increase has drawn considerable attention from investors and market analysts alike, primarily due to the implications of a critical study released by Lake Resources.

LKE: FY23 Highlights

LKE shares are trading at $0.14 and have surged 9% in today’s intraday trading session. The current market cap of the company is approximately 202 Million AUD.

asx lke shares analysis

  1. Revenue: $43.70M, with a year-on-year (Y/Y) change of ↑1367.00%
  2. Operating expense: $55.03M, with a Y/Y change of ↑359.64%
  3. Net income: $-45.75M, with a Y/Y change of -705.09%
  4. Net profit margin: -104.71, with a Y/Y change of -72.39%
  5. Earnings per share: -0.02, with a Y/Y change of -362.75%
  6. EBITDA: $-11.18M, with a Y/Y change of -331.44%
  7. Cash and short-term investments: $89.22M

LKE: Detailed Analysis of the Share Price Increase

The catalyst behind this sudden spike in Lake Resources’ stock value is intricately linked to the company’s announcement of the phase one definitive feasibility study (DFS) results for its ambitious Kachi lithium brine project in Argentina. This project, vital to the growing global demand for lithium, particularly for electric vehicles and energy storage batteries, represents a significant venture for Lake Resources.

The DFS revealed a post-tax net present value of US$2.3 billion and an internal rate of return of 21%. These optimistic projections are based on an expected revenue stream of US$21 billion from the sale of battery-grade lithium carbonate, coupled with an EBITDA of US$16 billion over the mine’s projected 25-year operational life. The report also highlighted an annual average EBITDA of US$635 million with an impressive EBITDA margin of 76%, underpinned by an estimated production of 25,000 tonnes annually.

LKE: Capital Requirements and Strategic Financial Planning

Despite the promising outlook presented by the DFS, Lake Resources faces a significant hurdle in terms of capital requirements. To initiate the first phase of the Kachi project, the company is looking at a substantial initial capital expenditure of US$1.38 billion. In light of these financial demands, Lake Resources has sought the expertise of Goldman Sachs to guide and support the equity component of the project’s financing. This strategic move aims to identify a potential strategic partner at the asset level and explore off-take rights for the lithium product. Securing a partner and finalising financing arrangements is expected to span 6-9 months following the completion of the DFS.

LKE: Evaluating the Feasibility Study: Is It Too Optimistic?

While the DFS presents a seemingly lucrative future for Lake Resources, it raises some critical questions. The study’s projections hinge on maintaining an average sales price of US$33,000 per tonne for lithium carbonate throughout the project’s life. However, this estimate contrasts with the more conservative forecast from Goldman Sachs, the company’s financial advisor, who projects a long-term average price of around US$15,000 per tonne. This significant discrepancy of about 55% lower than the company’s estimate could lead to a gross overestimation of the project’s financial viability.

LKE: Impact of Lithium Carbonate Pricing

The feasibility of the Kachi project is highly sensitive to fluctuations in the price of lithium carbonate. The company’s sensitivity analysis indicates that a 15% drop in lithium prices could result in a 28% reduction in the project’s net present value. This sensitivity highlights the crucial role that pricing agreements with potential buyers will play in mitigating risks associated with market price volatility. The looming question for investors and the company is how a drastic reduction to a price level of US$15,000 per tonne would impact the project’s overall profitability.


Investors are now at a critical juncture where they must carefully weigh the potential risks and rewards associated with the Kachi lithium project. The coming months will be pivotal in revealing whether the project can adapt to the dynamic economic landscape and the realities of the lithium market. The success or failure of this venture could have far-reaching implications for Lake Resources and the broader lithium industry, especially in the global shift towards renewable energy and electric vehicles. As such, stakeholders across the industry will closely watch the developments surrounding this project.


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