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Date : 19/06/2023

Kogan Ltd (ASX: KGN) Journey: Navigating Stormy Seas towards a Prosperous Horizon


Kogan (ASX: KGN), the e-commerce giant founded by Ruslan Kogan, has encountered its fair share of turbulent tides. Faced with a series of challenges, including a shifting consumer landscape, cutthroat competition, and recent financial setbacks, the future of this retail maverick might seem uncertain at first glance. However, delving deeper into the depths reveals a company that is weathering the storm and emerging stronger than ever before.

KGN: Navigating the Stormy Seas of Share Prices

Kogan’s stock prices experienced a wild rollercoaster ride, soaring to dizzying heights during the “Corona Crash” as consumers flocked to online retail. However, the subsequent reopening of brick-and-mortar stores heralded a tempestuous descent, leaving Kogan with a sea of excess inventory and an unwelcome downturn in shareholder confidence. The company’s co-founders, Ruslan Kogan, and David Shafer, felt the tide turn as well, reducing their stake in the company. Nonetheless, such setbacks did little to quell the spirit of resilience that courses through Kogan’s veins.

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KGN: Unveiling the Depths of Kogan

Founded in 2006, Kogan swiftly captured the hearts of online shoppers with its flagship eCommerce store. Yet, it is more than a mere digital marketplace. Kogan has established itself as a multifaceted entity by branching out into mobile phone plans, insurance, internet services, and financial offerings. Alongside its products, the company boasts a remarkable lineup of exclusive brands, accounting for over half its gross profit. With a strategic network of 31 warehouses catering to the demands of its loyal 4.1 million shoppers, Kogan’s operational prowess knows no bounds.

KGN: Unleashing Kogan First: The Premier Voyage

As if riding the winds of innovation, Kogan unveiled its membership program, Kogan First, a flagship expedition into customer loyalty. Crafted to rival the titan known as Amazon Prime, Kogan First showers its members with exclusive deals, enticing perks such as free shipping, and the highly coveted Kogan First Day—a veritable treasure trove of exclusive discounts. With an ever-growing fleet of over 400,000 members, even before the pandemic, Kogan’s ability to navigate the treacherous waters of customer retention shines brightly.

KGN: Unveiling Rays of Hope

Amidst the stormy seas, rays of hope pierce through the murky clouds surrounding Kogan. While the initial glimpse of its 1HY23 results may seem underwhelming, a closer inspection reveals promising signs of a revival. EBITDA profitability was regained in January 2023, and this success continued unabated for three consecutive months. The company deftly reduced its excess inventory from a towering $159.9 million to a more manageable $98.3 million. Notably, verticals such as mobile and credit cards experienced positive growth, signaling a beacon of opportunity amidst the challenging waves.

KGN: Setting Sail in Uncharted Waters

One may question how Kogan, a relatively smaller local player, can navigate the treacherous waters beset by the global giant Amazon. Yet, Kogan charts its own course, venturing into different product categories, specializing in consumer electronics and home furnishings. Unlike Amazon’s focus on perishables and low-cost apparel, Kogan’s streamlined supply chain ensures direct sourcing from manufacturers, enabling agility, competitive pricing, and swift distribution. Anchored in this strategic differentiation, Kogan confidently steers its ship towards uncharted territories.

KGN: A Glint of Hope on the Horizon

While the company’s FY23 results are anticipated to fall short of the previous year, analysts’ forecasts for FY24 and beyond illuminate a sunlit horizon for Kogan. Projections unveil a captivating narrative of soaring revenue, thriving EBITDA, and soaring EPS. With compelling valuation metrics, including EV/EBITDA and P/E multiples for FY24 and FY25, Kogan emerge as a beacon of opportunity. Its estimated worth, representing a significant premium, beckons intrepid investors to join the voyage.

KGN: A Call for Prudent Navigation

Amidst the turbulent waters, a word of caution resonates in the ears of prospective investors. As the current financial year unfolds, it is prudent to await the release of FY23 results before weighing anchor. The revenue decline trajectory throughout the year’s second half will provide valuable insights into Kogan’s course correction. Nevertheless, with its resilience, growth potential, and a history of reliable performance before the pandemic, Kogan demands the undivided attention of astute investors.

KGN: Charting a Course for Prosperity

In conclusion, Kogan’s tumultuous journey through stormy seas has forged a company that stands resolute and poised for success. With a diversified portfolio, unwavering customer loyalty, strategic differentiation, and recent signs of recovery, Kogan embarks on an expedition towards a more prosperous future. While caution remains advisable, the potential for growth and sustained performance make Kogan an alluring prospect within the eCommerce realm. As the sails billow in anticipation, the voyage of Kogan promises uncharted opportunities and the thrill of triumph amidst the ever-changing tides of the market.

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