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Date : 21/07/2023

IGO Limited (ASX IGO) Share Price Tumbles Following an Asset Impairment

IGO Limited is an Australia-based mineral exploration, development, and production company. It’s listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker IGO. The company operates multiple mines and produces various commodities, including nickel, copper, and gold.

Some of its significant assets include the Nova Operation in the Fraser Range, Western Australia, one of Australia’s premier nickel-copper-cobalt operations. The company has also been involved in various joint ventures and exploration projects.

It’s worth noting that IGO Limited has shown interest in metals critical for renewable energy technologies, such as nickel and copper, aligning its strategy with the global trend towards decarbonization.

In an unexpected start to the week, IGO Limited (ASX: IGO), a prominent battery materials manufacturer, has seen its shares take a considerable hit. This downward trajectory has left market observers and investors curious: “What has led to this sharp decline in IGO’s stock prices?”

IGO Shares Overview

During morning trade, the company’s stock nosedived by 7%, bottoming out at a sobering $15.00 per share.

IGO Limited Share News & Performance

Why did IGO Shares Decline?

A closer examination of recent events provides insight into the plummeting share prices. The most glaring factor is linked to a company update focused on assets purchased from Western Areas in June 2022. This acquisition, which carried a substantial price tag of $1.2 billion, has stirred a wave of apprehension among investors. As IGO finalizes the cost allocation related to this acquisition for accounting purposes, unsettling details have surfaced.

This process requires assigning the purchase price to the acquired assets, which are then reported on the company’s balance sheet at their fair market value. Initial findings from the company’s ongoing annual ‘life of mine’ budget process have raised concerns, suggesting that IGO may have significantly overvalued the Forrestania and Cosmos assets.

Instead of strengthening the company’s financial position, these assets have led to an anticipated non-cash, pre-tax impairment expense of between $880 million and $980 million for fiscal year 2023. This impairment emerged from a reassessment of the accounting value of Cosmos and Forrestania. Contributing factors included higher-than-expected capital and operational costs, mine production schedule issues, and Cosmos development delays.

CEO’s Remarks Amid Financial Strain

IGO’s Acting CEO, Matt Dusci, has expressed disappointment with the significant impairment against the WSA assets. Despite the setback, he praised the project development team for pushing Cosmos towards the start of production. However, Dusci acknowledged that mounting capital and operational costs and unforeseen operational challenges have negatively affected the project’s value.

The company has initiated an independent review of the project development strategy and mine plan. Dusci reassured stakeholders that the company will maintain transparency as this review progresses. He stressed that, despite current obstacles, Cosmos remains a crucial asset for their nickel business, holding the potential for downstream opportunities.


Although the current situation indicates a substantial capital misallocation, it’s crucial to note that it won’t directly impact the company’s earnings for fiscal year 2023, given that it’s a non-cash impairment. The impairment also doesn’t factor in any shifts in the market value of IGO’s stake in Panoramic Resources Ltd (ASX: PAN), another asset procured in the Western Areas acquisition.

As IGO weathers these stormy financial seas, the situation highlights the immense importance of comprehensive due diligence in large-scale acquisitions. The company’s strategies and actions in navigating this challenging phase will set the stage for what lies ahead. This scenario serves as a reminder that, despite any financial turbulence, the corporate world must continue to move forward. It will be intriguing to see how IGO handles the upcoming acts in this high-stakes corporate drama.

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