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We help self-directed investors and self- managed super funds (SMSF) make smarter investment decisions and get better returns.


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We literally help you
invest better.

We help self-directed investors and self-
managed super funds (SMSF) make smarter
investment decisions and get better returns.

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Our Research Methodology

  • Top-Down and Bottom-Up Research to Identify Opportunities
  • A Thorough Tear-Down of The Business and Revenue Model of Companies
  • Recommendation on When to Buy and Also When to Sell
  • Fundamental Analysis to Determine Intrinsic Value of a Stock and Ascertain Target Prices
  • Technical Analysis to Identify Patterns, Trends, and the Right Time to Enter the Market
  • Evaluation of Industry Headwinds / Tailwinds using Macroeconomic Data Points
  • Watch and Avoid Ratings in Addition to the Standard Buy/Hold/Sell for a Complete Experience

Get access to our Model Portfolios

Shares in value - Top 200 ASX Stocks to buy - Report cover 2024
ASX 200 Stocks
Weekly publications on the Top 200 ASX listed companies
Shares in value - Best ASX Income Stocks - Report cover 2024
Income Portfolio
Best stocks to pick for relatively stable, low-risk &high yielding dividend stocks
Shares in value - Best emerging stocks to buy - Report cover 2024
Emerging Stocks Portfolio
Collection of highly disruptive and next generation ASX equities
Shares in value - Best ASX growth stocks - Report cover 2024
Growth Portfolio
Fast growing companies for the current investment cycle supported by sectorial tailwinds and strong fundamentals

Our ASX 200 Research Reports Include:

Fundamental Analysis

Understand the companies vision, financials, assets, management and competitive advantages with Shares in Value

Technical Analysis

Entry Prices, Target Prices, Stop Loss, Volume& Momentum Indicators and all other key Technical Indicators

Macro / Industry Analysis

Find out how the global and economic factors affect your investing and with our detailed industry analysis

Advisor Services

Designated Account Manager & Portfolio Review

View our past research reports

XRF Scientific

XRF Scientific (ASX: XRF) manufactures equipment and chemicals, which are distributed to production mines, construction material companies and commercial analytical laboratories in Australia and overseas. They have developed cutting-edge technology...
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Weebit Nano

Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) is now another step closer to full production. We have recommended it before, and it is one of the most widely covered stocks here at Shares...
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Dreadnought Resources

Dreadnought Resources (ASX: DRE) explores a range of mineral resources across its three projects in Western Australia. It explores for nickel, copper and gold in its Kimberly projects and explores...
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ASX Insights

ASX Growth Stocks to Watch this June 2024

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has shown resilience in May 2024, with the benchmark ASX 200 index hovering around the 7,800-point mark. The commodities market saw significant achievements, with...


The Standard Subscription gives you access to the research reports on the ASX-200 stocks along with the ones that are close to being included in the index. The subscription also comes with access to our Growth and Dividend model portfolios. They predominantly consist of large-cap and mid-cap companies listed on the ASX and NZX.

The Premium Subscription, in addition to the standard, gives you access to the emerging stocks across high growth sectors such as, but not limited to Technology, Mining & Life Sciences. Our Emerging Stocks model portfolio can also be accessed. This predominantly consists of small cap, high growth stocks on the ASX.

Your membership comes with access to 3 - 6 stock ideas a week depending on the level of your subscription (standard or premium).

Our stock publications include Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations after a thorough financial analysis of the company. Along with new stock publications every week you also get access to our three model portfolios, i.e. the Dividend Portfolio, the Growth Portfolio and the Emerging Stocks Portfolio.

We are the ideal tool for the investment needs of SMSF trustees. Shares in Value research reports will guide you in making a fully informed decision when it comes to investing in the equity markets. In addition to the stocks that will create wealth, we also help you steer clear of the ones that raise red flags in the long-run. Our research and model portfolios are curated to preserve and build wealth of investors. Most SMSFs can also claim the cost of the service, and we advise speaking to the appropriate advisor and check if this applies to your SMSF.

We pride ourselves in picking up on macroeconomic tailwinds and positioning our subscribed investors in a sector before the wind blows. We cover stocks across a wide range of sectors and not just the brick-and-mortar mining and financials. To get a free walkthrough of our research and
portfolios please click here.

Yes, every subscriber is designated an account manager who can be contacted - Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:30pm for your queries.

We do keep our subscribers engaged with important updates such as a recommendation upgrade/downgrade, and a notification when a new stock has been added to our portfolio. However, we do not have any affiliations and we will never send you any marketing emails to sell you different products.

Yes, absolutely. We do not store your credit card information. All payments are handled by payment professional services that come with layers of security.

We are a proud Australian business located in Sydney CBD.

We believe this question should be directed at your tax accountant as it can vary depending on the circumstances of each subscriber.

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At Shares in Value we focus on key market dynamics. These are designed to highlight issues we believe are particularly relevant for long-term investors, and to focus on opportunities that will benefit portfolios in the years ahead.

Whether you are a SMSF investor or a young investor we cover a wide range of stocks across all sectors including finance, industrials , real estate , technology, health and biotech etc to give you an edge to invest and trade with an advantage in the ASX listed stocks across large , mid and small caps.

If you have any questions, your Shares in Value specialist , supported by our research team, is available at any time to provide you with further insight and advice.

Have a look at our portfolio for free? Request your personalised demo here!

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