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Top ASX Nickel Stocks to buy in 2023

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Best SMSF Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2024

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Best SMSF Dividend Stocks

Dividends are an integral part of Aussie investor portfolios. With low interest
rates, holding money in bank accounts is damaging given the effects of
inflation. This has increased the already high need for dividend income
among investors. The ASX-200 has been hitting new heights and the bull
market is expected to continue this year as we find ourselves in the thick of
a cyclical rotation from growth stocks to value stocks. Lucky for us, our
premiere index is largely constituted with value stocks and it bodes well for
income chasers.

We are at that moment when value stocks perform better than growth and
also pay dividends. A double win for the investor with positions in the right

As of June 2023, Australia’s SMSF industry has approximately 1.1 million members. Whilst this is just 5% of the country’s total population, it accounts for $889.5 billion in assets. The leading asset categories by value are notably: listed shares, constituting 29% of total estimated SMSF assets, followed by cash and term deposits at 15%.

Since keeping your money in banks can erode your savings by 20-30% of its purchasing power, dividends and capital preservation are now an integral part of a self managed super fund portfolio. These enable upcoming retirees to safeguard assets and prevent losses.

What’s Happening in the ASX Market?

The worldwide economy remains uncertain but ASX shares have been outperforming their peers due to efficiency and productivity improvements in 2023. Australia’s location, our pandemic response, strong materials sector, and the decisions of the Reserve Bank of Australia, contributed to the bullish condition of our market. Nevertheless, Every SMSF investor should always be armed with the right value stocks and market knowledge to protect their assets in preparation for retirement.

Our premiere index is largely composed with value stocks ideal for income chasers and upcoming retirees. We always search and recommend high-performing and high-growth value stocks that also pay dividends.

Here’s a FREE special report that details the best ASX stocks, SMSF investment options and strategies for investors preparing for retirement.

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Shares In Value - Top 3 SMSF Dividend paying stocks - Cover 2024

What’s inside this Report?

* Top 3 SMSF investment options for the high interest rate environment

* SMSF stocks that will thrive amidst inflation

* Stocks with high dividend yields and capital gains potential

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Every SMSF pick goes through our 4-point background check

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Profit margins dictate how healthy dividends will be in the long-term. Pricing power over its peers is critical.

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EPS v Dividends

It is important to ensure companies are paying dividends that they can afford, without having to borrow funds.

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Strong Balance Sheet

Balance sheets are anchors, and their worth has been proved during the pandemic. They provide the leverage for companies to grow and payout dividends.

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Economic Moat

A distinct advantage a company has over its competitors which allows it to protect its market share and profitability.

Best SMSF Dividend Stocks

REPORT • 2024

Best SMSF Stocks To Buy In 2024


SMSF is becoming popular for Australians as it gives a higher degree of control on various investments for their retirement funds. It allows you to invest in a wide range of options, including direct property, physical gold, and collectables. You can also borrow your self managed super fund for investment purposes.

SMSF is used by small business owners for asset protection, succession planning and security of tenancy. It is also ideal if you want to effectively manage your tax in the future.

Creating your own self managed super fund must be done properly to maximise tax concessions and receive contributions. We recommend working with experts when opening an SMSF as it is a tedious process.

It starts from choosing your members, filling an online application form, making payments, completing documents, and waiting for the confirmation from the ATO on the establishment of your SMSF.

Once done, you can now open a bank account for your SMSF term deposit and roll over your existing superannuation. You may then set up your trading account and begin investing with the help of ASX stocks research analysts. They can provide you with the best SMSF investment options to strengthen your portfolio.

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