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Date : 25/05/2023

Blue-Chip Brilliance: Top-Notch ASX 200 Stocks That Brokers Are Betting Big On

In the uncharted waters of investing, blue-chip shares have long served as the sturdy lighthouses guiding investors towards financial success. These high-quality, reliable stocks, typically representative of well-established, industry-leading companies, have garnered a reputation for their sturdy financials, reliable returns, and relative immunity to market volatility.

As part of Australia’s ASX 200 index – an inventory of the country’s 200 largest ASX-listed stocks by float-adjusted market capitalisation – these blue-chip stocks serve as an intriguing prospect for investors looking to anchor their portfolios in the ocean of investment possibilities. Not only do these blue-chip entities promise enhanced portfolio diversification, but they also offer a protective bulwark against market downturns. They are often known for consistent dividend payouts.

However, not all blue-chip stocks are created equal. While some effortlessly surf the market waves, others struggle to stay afloat in the high tide. Therefore, knowing which ones to add to your investment portfolio becomes a critical decision, and this is where financial market experts or brokers come into play. Their deep market insights and understanding of company fundamentals can provide invaluable guidance for investors.

As we wade into the vast sea of blue-chip stocks in the ASX 200 index, three companies have particularly caught the eye of market experts for their impressive performance and robust growth prospects. These stalwarts are Goodman Group, Wesfarmers Ltd, and Qantas Airways Limited. Let’s explore why brokers are head over heels for these top-notch players.

Goodman Group (ASX: GMG): Conquering New Heights in Industrial Property

The first company in the spotlight is Goodman Group. This international industrial property leader has consistently recorded robust growth rates for years. The management’s recent upward revision of its earnings guidance for FY 2023, attributed to continuing tailwinds in the industrial property sector bolstering strong market rent growth, has solidified its position as a blue-chip favourite.

Prominent financial services corporation, Citi, has maintained its buy rating on Goodman Group, raising its price target to $24.30. In its assessment, Citi highlighted the company’s robust market rent growth, driven by a record low vacancy rate that has prompted unprecedented demand for development. As a result, Goodman Group now boasts an impressive development workbook worth $13bn.

Wesfarmers Ltd (ASX: WES): Retail Giant Poised for Expansion

Our next stop in the blue-chip exploration is Wesfarmers Ltd. This retail powerhouse, renowned for its strong brands like Bunnings, Kmart, and Officeworks, has received an ‘add’ rating from reputed brokerage firm Morgans, owing to its focus on value, exceptional management team, and robust financial footing.

Morgans have placed Wesfarmers’ price target at $55.50, compared to its latest share price of $51.52. The brokerage firm believes that despite the softening macroeconomic conditions, Wesfarmers’ strong value-oriented businesses will continue to drive growth, thanks to its robust balance sheet and a portfolio of high-quality Australian retail brands.

Qantas Airways Limited (ASX: QAN): Preparing for Take-off

Having re-established its dominance in the airways, Qantas has proven itself to be an ASX 200 blue-chip share worth the investment. Its robust balance sheet and promising outlook are just some factors propelling the company’s recent success.

Morgans applauded Qantas for its strong forward momentum, which places the airline in a sweet spot as global travel demand soars, significantly outpacing supply. Moreover, Qantas has managed to maintain a trading level at a considerable discount compared to its pre-COVID multiples, despite achieving structurally higher earnings, an enhanced domestic market position, and a high return on its International business. This, combined with an increasingly diversified business model, thanks to stronger earnings from its Loyalty and Freight departments, makes Qantas an attractive proposition for investors.

Moreover, the pent-up demand for post-COVID travel is expected to create a healthy demand environment for an extended period, fuelling further EBITDA growth over FY24/25. The airline’s financial strength equips it to undergo EBIT-accruing fleet reinvestment and additional capital management initiatives, including a recently announced A$500m on-market share buyback at its 1H23 result. The company may surpass Morgans’ forecasts and consensus if it meets its strategic targets for FY24.


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