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Top ASX Nickel Stocks to buy in 2022

Nickel Prices hit an all-time high of $100,000 a tonne

The nickel market was in deficit in 2021 and was poised to go into a modest surplus in 2022 before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, with sanctions galore on Russia, the 4th largest global nickel supplier, the nickel market has been thrown in a frenzy, and nickel prices have shot up to a record high for the metal – $100,000 a tonne, tripling in price.

Nickel is a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries used to power EVs. With high prices and without a substitute for nickel, Nickel miners stand to benefit as the war drags on in Europe – adding pressure to the demand-supply imbalance.

The fundamental story for nickel was strong before the war. Now, there is no end in sight for when the war will end and where the sanctions on Russia will be halted. Therefore, high nickel prices can persist for subsequent quarters, increasing profitability, especially for low-cost nickel miners.

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Top ASX Nickel Stocks to buy in 2022

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