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Date : 07/10/2020

Weebit Nano Update



Market Cap : $53.66 Million


52 Week Range : $0.200 - $1.045

Share Price : $0.845

The recent development is a milestone in its product development roadmap and therefore de-risks the firm. We recommend members with long-term strategies to "Hold".

Company Analysis

Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT), the next generation memory developer shares have surged 12% today, 7th October 2020, at the time of writing. The firm has successfully completed the final stage of the stabilisation process for its Resistive RAM technology (ReRAM) by working with its French research partner, Leti.


The partnership Leti has helped the firm increase cell functionality and batch repeatability, and thus improve the baseline parameters of the ReRAM cells. The successful stabilisation process, an important milestone in its product development roadmap means that the firm can now move to the next step in commercialisation of its technology. The technology can now be transferred to the fabrication unit for production. Here, WBT will be working to integrate the technology into existing manufacturing processes or develop a new process.

The firm is also said to be in talks with a potential production partner that would see WBT transfer its intellectual property to the fabrication unit of the partner. WBT also will continue its partnership with Leti to further improve its ReRAM technology by solidifying the silicon oxide parameters.


The recent development de-risks the firm. The road to commercialisation is one step closer, however, still a long process. In our last report on WBT on the 30th of September, we issued a buy recommendation to our members at $0.73. The stock is currently trading at $0.84 and we now recommend our members with long-term strategies to “Hold” their positions.

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