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Akshay Bhaskar

Equity Research Analyst

Akshay has been with us since inception after significant valuation experience in both buy-side and sell-side equity research. With a very strong understanding of as-a-service business models, he specialises in the vast technology space that is bleeding into every industry. Along with technology, Akshay also has keen interest and expertise in the financial industry and consumer facing industries such as retail. His expertise extends beyond the Australian market and into the American and European markets through his past experiences. Akshay is a Master of Finance graduate from Bond University and also holds a bachelor’s degree in business management. He began his career at Thomson Reuters – a Canadian based firm with a market cap of $51 billion. Along with equities, he also comes with experience as a financial planner for high net-worth individuals and a business strategist for start-ups in the 3rd largest primary market in the world.

Scott Adler

Scott Adler

Senior Equity Specialist

With over 30 years immersed in the Australian share market industry, Scott stands as a seasoned figure in the equity domain. An alumnus of Macquarie University with a major in Accounting and Finance, Scott further honed his financial prowess by securing an MBA from the renowned Australian Institute of Business.
Beginning his career as a CFO and Brand Manager at Larry Adler Ski and Outdoor, Scott transitioned seamlessly into equity, where he's been instrumental in driving Shares In Value's strategic trajectory. Apart from his pivotal positions as a Senior Equity Specialist and Team Leader, roles like Senior Account Manager and Account Relationship Manager further attest to his dedication to client success.
Recognised for his impeccable communication skills, Scott frequently conducts interactive webinars, a testament to his dedication and an initiative that has earned Shares In Value multiple awards including consecutive wins in 2022 and 2023 for Product Review’s Best in Forex and Share Trading Platform. Armed with deep-seated equity expertise and broad business insight, Scott remains a beacon of consistent value for all stakeholders.

Izaac Ronay

Equity Research Analyst

Izaac graduated with a double major in International Business and Management from the University of the Sunshine Coast. He seamlessly transitioned from founding early-stage businesses and delving into supply chain and marketing, to deeply immersing himself in ASX-listed stocks since 2009. With over 10 years under his belt, Izaac's trading portfolio expanded to encompass government bonds, equity index futures, and the design of innovative trading strategies — all deeply anchored in a keen understanding of macroeconomic nuances.
His esteemed tenure as a Futures Trader with respected industry leaders including ARB Trading Group and Star Beta honed his acumen in strategy formulation, agile execution, and holistic risk management. At Fat Tail Investment Research, he stood out as a Senior Editor, captivating a 10,000-strong subscriber base with his engaging stock recommendations and market insights.
Izaac's signature strength is his adeptness at discerning the interplay between broad market dynamics and specific stock intricacies, consistently illuminating the inherent value propositions for his audience. This positioned him as an industry luminary adept at spotlighting emerging market trends and identifying standout corporate leadership.

Behzad Golmohammadi

Behzad Golmohammadi

Equity Research Analyst

Behzad graduated with a Bachelor's in Industrial Engineering and a Master's in Applied Finance from the prestigious Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. Distinguishing himself academically, Behzad achieved top rankings in multiple finance subjects, including Derivatives, Financial Statement Analysis for Business, and Advanced Managerial Finance. His consistent excellence led to the honour of six letters of commendation from Sydney Business School's dean and placed him amongst the global top 10% in the CFA Level 2 examination.
Starting his professional journey in Esfahan, Iran, Behzad showcased his analytical acumen by delving into the Tehran Stock Exchange. Later, his role as a Technical Analyst with Stocks Down Under and his current position at Shares In Value has seen him generate substantial investment insights for the Australian market, majorly focusing on ASX-listed companies. His in-depth understanding of both technical and fundamental analyses, combined with his commendable communication and analytical skills, positions him as a linchpin for clients looking for nuanced stock recommendations.
Not just confined to the boardroom, Behzad's voice commands attention as a speaker for the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA). Outside of professional settings, his teaching prowess is further evident in his role as a private finance tutor. Behzad brings to the table a robust blend of international experience, an unparalleled academic foundation, and a profound understanding of the equity market – all dedicated to ensuring value creation for stakeholders.

Albert Einstein is widely credited with the saying” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again , but expecting different results“.

The traditional model of advisory services is expensive and extremely outdated covering the same old stocks repeatedly with a huge focus on only large cap stocks. We are trying to change it by not only just analysing the big players but also providing research on companies which have a lot of potential to go up .

The markets are a lot more complicated than they were 20 years ago and more and more companies are now more information based and technology based which can present a challenge for an everyday investor to stay on top of all this information

We want our clients to be empowered by our unique approach to investing and achieve their financial goals through our research and analysis. Whether you are a self-directed investor or managing a self-managed super fund (SMSF) our reports are simple and easy to read & understand to make informed decision. If you have any questions, your Shares In Value Specialist, supported by our research team, is available at any time to provide you with further insight and advice.

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