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Date : 08/01/2021

5 ASX-listed stocks to look out for in 2021

ASX-Listed Stocks

Right through the pandemic tech stocks have been the topic of discussion not just among asx listed stocks but globally. Tech companies are usually capital light businesses that are able to deliver their products and services via the internet – the only place in the world that did not go on lockdown. The ASX-listed tech stocks index that has been created by S&P has outperformed the ASX-200 and the US’s premier S&P 500 Index, such has been the uptick during 2020.

We did cover ‘top asx-listed stocks of December 2020’ last month and talked about a few ASX listed stocks that have tailwinds gained from ‘things that’ll impact ASX share prices’.

Moving into 2021, we have noticed a little bit of volatility as investors and traders are slowly moving towards more cyclical stocks with attractive pricing and that are set to rally on the back of a successful vaccine deployment.

5 ASX-listed stocks to look out for in 2021

Going into the new year on the back of quite a few macro driven and structural tailwinds, here are 5 asx stocks that are sure to catch the eye of traders and investors.

Afterpay Limited (ASX: APT)

Afterpay is the largest player in the high growth buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) space. Having taken the Australia and New Zealand market by storm, Afterpay has now had a growing presence in the USA, Canada, UK, and is now entering the European Union. The stock has rallied 244% during 2020 and it has now breached the $100 per share level.

The “where to next?” question is pretty clear for Afterpay. We expect the firm to gain market share in the USA and Europe. Growth prospects are high but at what costs? Our report on Afterpay goes into detail on their financial metrics and why they are surging during an economic crisis. Afterpay remains one of the ASX stocks to watch out for going into 2021 and beyond.

Monash IVF (ASX: MVF)

The human fertility and assisted reproductive services are estimated to grow in the coming years. MVF operates 21 fertility clinics, 18 ultrasound clinics, 3 centres for assisted reproduction, 2 diagnostic labs, and 1 hospital. MVF operates in Australia and Malaysia and is one of the biggest players in this space. The firm has been acquiring clinics to integrate diagnostic services with fertility – both industries are likely to see high growth in the coming years. To reduce the impact of the pandemic, the firm has also reduced debt recently, making the firm financially flexible.

What’s better is that they also pay dividends! Monash is a cyclical stock that has further tailwinds coming its way as the economic recovery from the pandemic gets underway.

Meridian Energy Limited (ASX: MEZ)

Meridian Energy is dual listed stock – both on the ASX and NZE. It is a 100% renewable electricity generator that retails to homes, farms, and businesses. Meridian generates electricity using solar, wind, and hydro sources. The firm is the largest electricity generator in New Zealand. Meridian generates approximately 30% of the national electricity in New Zealand and retails through Meridian Energy and Powershop. The renewable energy industry is poised for high growth and will be supported by a lot of investments as the world will move towards clean energy. The stock has returned over 87% in the past 3 months. With a lot of tailwinds for the entire industry, MEZ is one ASX stock to watch out for as investments into renewables will gather a lot of momentum.

IOOF Holdings (ASX: IFL)

The financial services giant is part of the ASX200 index with over 500,000 clients and $202 billion in funds under management. The firm provides financial advice, portfolio management, investment management, and estate administration services in Australia and New Zealand. IFL has been a steady performer in the past and has had a particularly good last couple of years since the Royal Commission debacle. Growth rates have been stellar in the revenues department recently. IOOF has performed well recently and is forecasted to continue doing so. The acquisition of MLC will give its growth prospects a boost going forward. With the latest dividend coming in at 11.5 cents per share, IOOF Holdings is one of the best dividend stocks to buy. The tailwind that will push the stock forward will come from more money entering the financial markets as the economic recovery from Covid-19 will be underway as the vaccine deployment begins.

Qantas (ASX: QAN)

The airline industry is one of the most damaged industries not just in Australia, but globally. This is due to the high operating costs that are associated with these firms. Qantas is the symbol of Australia and the same sentiment has resulted in the government bailing the airline out of the financial crisis.

This results in Qantas emerging out of the crisis with most of its competitors wiped out. The firm has also been under massive restructuring to decrease their costs and operate under a lighter load going forward. With domestic travel open and international travel due to begin sometime next year, Qatas will benefit from the lack of competitors. Qantas has been one of the best performers among ASX industrial stocks in the past few months and with the recent consolidation, the stock is once again trading at an attractive price with one major tailwind imminent as vaccine deployment begins – the reopening of international travel. This makes Qantas an ASX listed stock to keep a close eye on over the next few months.


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