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Date : 23/11/2021

3 Stellar ASX Small Caps Stocks To Watch In 2021

Top 3 ASX Small Caps Stocks To Look For In November 2021

The ASX 200 gained 57.50 points or 0.78% to $7,410.60 during Tuesday’s session. The benchmark successfully snapped two sessions of consecutive declines as a rebound in iron ore prices overnight boosted heavyweight mining stocks, whilst major financial companies also lifted amid rising long term bond yields. Know more with our experts on top ASX Small Caps Stocks.

Our List of 3 Best Performing ASX Small Caps Stocks to Buy in October 2021

Atomos Ltd (ASX: AMS)

Atomos or AMS is a software and hardware technology company. AMS creates, develops, and commercialises ground-breaking products for the content creation market. The company manufactures and sells video equipment. Atomos devices take images directly from the camera’s sensor, then enhance, record, and distribute them for content creation. The firm geographically derives revenue from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Asia Pacific region.

Today, Atomos shares dropped by 8%. It seems investors are not responding well to the latest updates from the tech company. The tech company that specialises in products for the content creation market first provided an update on a US$2 million investment in a cloud development agreement. Shortly afterwards, it confirmed its FY22 guidance.

Cinemacraft developed Videogram which is a cloud-based platform with a vision to automate video workflows. Atomos will invest up to US$2 million to complete the development of the Videogram platform, including US$800 thousand for patents and oversight.

Cinemacraft has a string of flashy investors on its books ranging from venture capital firm 500Startups to a Japanese actor. According to Atomos, the investment builds on its depth in video and multi-camera capture to expand into cloud-based services.

The agreement also has an embedded option that allows Atomos to acquire all shares in Cinemacraft. Atomos may exercise its option based on the financial performance of Videogram over two 12-month periods ending September 30, 2023.

Further to the cloud agreement, Atomos also advised on its FY22 full-year guidance today. The company expects revenue to be more than $95 million, an increase of at least 21% over FY21 revenue. Atomos’s EBITDA margins are expected to be upward of 12%, up from 10.4% in FY21. Also factored into this EBITDA margin guidance is under some upward pressure on variable costs, most notably freight.

The Atomos share price has gained almost 24% in the past 12 months, after rallying 22% this year to date.

Vection Technologies Ltd (ASX: VR1)

Vection Technologies or VR1 is a software company that focuses on real-time technologies for industrial’s digital transformation through a combination of 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, and CAD solutions. The company operates in two segments, the Information Technology development division and the Outsourced services division. Most of Vection’s revenue is derived from the IT development division.

At the time of writing, Vection’s shares can be exchanged for 21.5 cents apiece. The tech company’s share price considered as a good ASX Small Caps Stocks closed the day after rocketing 7.5%. Here is why.

The Vection share price is off to the races today after the company unveiled its FrameS Metaverse release introducing autonomous 3D World content creation. This provides companies with the ability to build their own self-contained immersive metaverses.

This represents a milestone for the company’s plans to integrate with Webex by Cisco during the second half of FY22. It is worth noting that Webex has provided video conferencing and online meetings services to more than 590 million monthly participants during the global pandemic.

There is significant interest from companies looking to increase their remote workforce productivity and encourage collaboration between team members. Vection has already begun to roll out its new Metaverse release to existing users, including fashion retailer Giorgio Armani and luxury yachts manufacturer Ferretti Group.

The Vection share price is up an impressive 100% since this time last year. Furthermore, over the past month, Vection shares have rocketed an impressive 130% plus.

4D Medical (ASX: 4DX)

4DMedical is a company which principal activities are medical research technology and the development of a non-invasive respiratory imaging solution using four-dimensional imaging. The four-dimensional lung imaging technology utilises mathematics models and algorithms to convert X-ray scans into quantitative data which helps physicians to manage patients with respiratory diseases.

The 4DMedical share price is shooting higher today following the rollout of the company’s respiratory imaging platform. At the time of writing, 4DMedical shares are swapping hands for $1.385, up 15.42%.

In today’s statement, 4DMedical advised it has partnered with I-MED Radiology Network for the commercial rollout of its XV Lung Ventilation Analysis Software or XV LVAS. I-MED is Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging provider with more than 250 clinics across the country.

The first XV LVAS deployment will occur next month at the Berwick clinic in Melbourne after a successful pilot program. Clinicians and specialists based in and around the Casey region of Victoria, Australia, will soon be able to refer patients to I-MED’s state-of-the-art Berwick imaging clinic.

4DMedical’s proprietary XV LVAS technology converts X-ray images into a four-dimensional data package using mathematical models and algorithms. The platform then provides physicians with information about a patient’s lung motion and airflow. This enables the detection and monitoring of various lung diseases which can be managed or treated if possible.

The XV LVAS is expected to be further installed within hospitals and imaging centres, offering greater accessibility for all patients. This includes sites in Brisbane and Wagga Wagga in early 2022 and at selected locations across the I-MED network.

Furthermore, all facilities with XV LVAS will be able to offer 4DMedical’s lung report for both inpatient and outpatient care. This in turn is expected to maximise the number of addressable patients for the company, effectively increasing revenue streams.

We have seen 4DMedical making strong progress with its commercial pilots in the US. The company has a near-term commercialisation pipeline, particularly within the large and important Veterans Health Administration healthcare system.

The respiratory diagnosis industry is worth an estimated US$31 billion per annum worldwide. The US, the world’s largest healthcare market, represents an annual opportunity of US$13.7 billion for 4DMedical.

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